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En Marge: The Occasional Newsletter of the Sidney E. Parker Archives

Later this year I will be launching a newsletter for the Sidney E. Parker Archives. It will take the name of Sid’s “occasional viewsletter”, and last journal En Marge.

The format is yet to be determined, but it will be an informal, print only newsletter. It will be only a few pages, and will be published as time permits, just as Sid’s own En Marge was. I do not expect that we will publish more than twice a year.

The point of the new En Marge is to share some ephemera, news items of note and progress of the archive.

There are two ways to receive the first issue of En Marge:

  1. Become a backer of the Union of Egoists project on Patreon at a rate of at least $9.99 a month and when the first issue is released, you will get it.
  2. Send $2 cash to:
    Union of Egoists
    Attn: En Marge
    444 Maryland Ave. #7940
    Essex, MD 21221
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