This site is a project of Kevin I. Slaughter of the Union of Egoists, with support of Leon Parker, and Pól O’Sullivan. Some of the material has come from the editor’s Union of Egoist archive, the Libertarian Microfiche Project, has been contributed by friends and comrades, or comes from academic institutions such as The Labadie Collection, part of the University of Michigan Special Collections Department.

Over time information will be added, biography and bibliography written. We will provide scans of original documents and transcriptions.

There is a Facebook Page, though Facebook will probably not show you the posts.

Please use the form below if you have anything to share about Sidney E. Parker. We are specifically looking for letters he’s written or any other possibly unpublished item. Also, if you knew Sid or were influenced in any way, please consider writing something for our online memorial page Ubi Sunt. More information is here.