S.E. PARKER (1929-2012)

Sidney E. Parker was a philosopher and historian of Individualist Anarchism and Egoism, as inspired by the ideas of Max Stirner. His writing appeared in Freedom (UK), The Match (US) and other journals. Parker edited a series of anarchist and egoist journals, most notably Minus One (1963) and Ego (1983). He spoke to humanist, anarchist and freethought groups all his life.

Parker was a teenage member of the Communist Youth League in 1946, after which he read about Anarchism. In 1961 he read Max Stirner’s The Ego and His Own and became convinced that anarchism was not a communism, but an individualism. In 1982 Sid would “emerge as his own man,” leaving anarchism behind and becoming an unhyphenated Egoist. He was always en marge, the outsider. “I am not so much a Stirnerite as I am a Parkerite.”

Sid Parker died in 2012. He and his wife Pat had withdrawn from society in his last years and so there was no public memorial of his passing. This website, established in 2016, is that memorial.

“I want to say how much I enjoy Minus One and how much I admire your lone dissent and battle against the legions of collectivist anarchism in England.”
—Murray N. Rothbard, April 7, 1967

About SidParker.com:

S. E. Parker was not only one of the greatest voices for philosophical individualism and egoism in the 20th Century, but he was one of the great archivists as well. His journals were dedicated to discovering and expounding his own ideas and their intellectual history while networking with individualists young and old across the globe.

In 2018, Kevin I. Slaughter, editor-in-chief of the Union of Egoists, flew to London to take possession of Sidney E. Parker’s extant papers for research and archival purposes. Much of it will be published online. SidParker.com is the archive for writings of Sidney E. Parker authorized by his estate. To reprint anything from this site please see the contact page.