1998, December – Letter to “Heraclitus” (Sydney, AU)

The following short letter was published in Heraclitus No. 70, December 1998. Heraclitus was published by the Sydney Libertarians, “Pluralists and Critical Drinkers.” Broadsheet was published 1957-1979. It was continued by Heraclitus 1980-2006 and that continued by The Sydney Realist 2005- (current).
Scans of the original journal were provided by Voluntary Committee of Sydney Realists.

A brief comment apropos a correspondent in a recent issue of Heraclitus who said that a member of the Croix de Feu believed in the 1,000 year Reich. The Croix de Feu, founded by Colonel de la Roque (who denied being a fascist) was an “extreme” French nationalist group, so it is highly unlikely its members would have championed a 1,000 year Reich.

Sid Parker