Objects from the Sidney E. Parker Archives

When I flew to the UK with about 48 hours notice to retrieve the “Archive,” I only had a rough idea what to expect was left of the estate of Sidney E. Parker. It was based on notes from family and friends who saved it all the first time! I will be telling the larger story of acquiring the papers and objects in the forthcoming (Fall 2018) issue of Der Geist, but I’ve slowly been sorting through it and today I took a few hours to photograph some of the things that are more “dimensional”… some paper, some otherwise. The main goal was to document some of the bulky clothing and personal items so they could be put into storage, so they didn’t take up as much space in my office.


Italian designed Olivetti Lettera 25. Still works, but is quirky. It had standard Black/Red ribbon, but I’ve replaced it with purple and have used it for letters.
Czechoslovakian “Consul” Typewriter. Not functional enough to use.
Sid’s collection of “DeCasseres Books” by Benjamin DeCasseres. Complete, booklets in varying conditions.
Detail of title page of Vol. 1 of “DeCasseres Books”. Features an inscription from Benjamin DeCasseres to Havelock Ellis. Cover completely detached.
Unknown quantity of letters from Stephen Marletta, covering a span of decades.
“Super Man” Style Prescription Glasses (the actual name of the style given by designer). These were worn during the videotaped interview available on YouTube. The manufacturer of the glasses and the optometrist Sid used are both out of business.
Two “Club” Ties, Identical, Crest/Affiliation Unknown.
An old jacket. Missing every button but one.
British Rail Gilet, Size Medium.
Federation of Professional Railway Staff Membership Card and Pin.
“Old Hall Street” Suede Slippers, Size 9.
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